The FIVE FINGERS of the hand

Here’s my hand : she’s got five fingers, here are two, here are three. First, that big guy, that’s the thumb he calls himself. The index that shows the path …

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The Riad Dar Khmissa, a heaven of peace. During a stay in the « magic Marrakech », put your suitcases in one of the most pleasant house in the Medina, or Oriental …

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The mishap of a PAIR OF GLOVES

A young man wanted to buy a birthday present to his fiancée. After consideration he decides to buy her a pair of gloves. Accompanied by his fiancée’s sister, he’s going …

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The power of a SMILE

A smile costs nothing and produces a lot, it enriches those who receive it without impoverishing those who give it. It only lasts for a moment but his memory is …

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MICKEY MOUSE or the genious of a mouse

Mikk Muss … Miki Kuchi …Topolino, the whole name is the same character : Mickey Mouse ! Tiny, with a little belly his face in the shape of a pear …

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